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Screen description

screen description
screenshot EasyStrategyGame It is a unit.
lower right in unit is strength.
screenshot EasyStrategyGame It is land.
It is outside view if there is a slash pattern.
You cannot see the enemy unit outside view.
screenshot EasyStrategyGame It is wasteland, no move.
It is some abstraction, that nature or barbarism or Rebellions.
lower right in unit is strength, like unit.
screenshot EasyStrategyGame It is a town.
Force is enhanced automatically at end of turn.
screenshot EasyStrategyGame [conscript] -- Your all units add 1 point strong.
[pass] -- Nothing is done.
[resign] -- Game is gives up.
screenshot EasyStrategyGame Name and Resource are displayed.
Normally appears in black, the penalty is raised to fall into negative territory shown in red.

Resources, at the end of each turn, add own land count.
In addition,
Your sum size of unit forces, it is loss resources.
[conscript] is lost resource.
screenshot EasyStrategyGame An example of deficit.
When deficit, At end of turn, reduces the strength of the units held by all of you.
And in town lost automatically event.